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Baseball Main Events

The game of baseball is played at both amateur and professional level. Young and enjoy the game with equal enthusiasm all over the world, especially in the US. Youth leagues are popular for playing a tailored version of professional baseball. There are many baseball events at local and state levels but the world Baseball series and Olympic events mark as the stalwart baseball events recognized worldwide.

World Cup Baseball

The first series of world cup championship began in 1938. Teams competed from the US and UK in a match of 5 games. Britain won the very first world cup with a lead of 4-1 to become the first ever to hold the trophy. Right after the world cup series, the International Baseball Federation (IBF) was established in 1938. Ever since, we have seen World Cups to be played at uneven intervals. It is interesting to note that professional baseball players generally do not play in World Series as the contest collide with regular league competition games.

Following is the list of World Cup Baseball held till 2005

  Year Host Winner
  1938 UK UK
  1939 Cuba Cuba
  1940 Cuba Cuba
  1941 Cuba Venezuela
  1942 Cuba Cuba
  1943 Cuba Cuba
  1944 Venezuela Venezuela
  1945 Venezuela Venezuela
  1947 Columbia Columbia
  1948 Nicaragua Dominican Republic
  1950 Nicaragua Cuba
  1951 Mexico Puerto Rico
  1952 Cuba Cuba
  1953 Venezuela Cuba
  1961 Costa Rica Cuba
  1965 Columbia Columbia
  1969 Dominican Republic Cuba
  1970 Columbia Cuba
  1971 Cuba Cuba
  1972 Nicaragua Cuba
  1973 Cuba Cuba
  1973 Nicaragua United States
  1974 United States United States
  1976 Columbia Cuba
  1978 Italy Cuba
  1980 Japan  Cuba
  1982 Korea Korea
  1984 Cuba Cuba
  1986 Netherlands Cuba
  1988 Italy Cuba
  1990 Canada Cuba
  1994 Nicaragua Cuba
  1998 Italy Cuba
  2001 Taiwan Cuba
  2003 Cuba Cuba
  2005 Netherlands  Cuba

Olympic Baseball

There is a myth about the first Olympic baseball to have been played in St. Louis in the year 1904. Historians are sceptical about the accuracy as most sport events held at St. Louis were titled Olympic event.

The first recorded Olympic event dates to 1912. A baseball team from Vasteras competed against US team at the Olympics games in Stockholm in Sweden. The US team beat Sweden in two games, with Jim Thorpe as a right fielder. During the Olympics held in 1936, the German hosts invited the United States to demonstrate a match against Japan. For a amateur crowd of 125,000, the World Champions team from US won by a lead of 6-5.

In the Olympics of 1940, the original plan to include baseball was discarded as Japan withdrew due to war in Manchuria.

Another baseball demonstration took place in 1954 at Melbourne Olympics in Australia. A team consisting of the U.S. Far East Command servicemen played in Australia. During the match, the audience gathered for the other athletic events summed up to a striking crowd of 114,000 spectators. US won the match by 11-5.

Olympic events in Tokyo took place in 1964. Baseball was very popular in Japan and a team consisting of American college baseball players along with eight major league players fielded against Japanese all-star team. They won the championship by 6-2. Again in 1981, the contest took place between teams from United States, Japan, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Canada, Taiwan, Italy and Nicaragua. Japan and the USA reached the finals and the Americans won by 6-3.

Another demonstration tournament in Seoul, South Korea in 1988 and Cuba, the dominant team winning all major international championships since 1984, again boycotted the Games just like in 1981. The tournament was held between teams from United States, Japan, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Canada, Taiwan, Netherlands and Australia, Japan and the US again reached the final. The United States won by 5-3.

The 1986 IOC congress decided in a meeting that the first official Olympic baseball tournament be held in Barcelona in 1992. It was decided at the 117th IOC Session to remove baseball and softball from the 28 existing Olympic sports to be held in 2012 at London. A major fraction of world does not play baseball, but the driving factor was also the reluctance of Major League Baseball to have breaks during the games.

A list of organized leagues in the US:

Youth Leagues

  • Little League: Located at Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  • Dizzy Dean Baseball
  • American Legion Baseball: Indianapolis, IN
  • USSSA Baseball: Kansas City, Missouri (USA)
  • Ripken Baseball, a youth program, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland (USA).
  • Babe Ruth League: New Jersey (USA).

High School

  • The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)

Collegiate Level

List of Collegiate Summer Baseball Leagues

  • NCAA, including NCAA Division I and the College World Series, are collegiate level baseball programs played in the USA.
  • National Club Baseball Association (NCBA)

Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States;

  • Minor League baseball in the United States;
  • Negro League baseball: Non-functional in the United States.
  • All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

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